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The More Confident Golf Experience, Palm Desert


Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this powerful, hands-on, half-day golf school!

February 13, 2024

Watch this video to learn how your day will unfold!


Enjoy Three Powerful Segments:

  • Confident Pre-Shot Routine Formula with Dr Shannon Reece:  Develop a winning mental approach for every shot
  • On-Course Rules & Strategies with Marcela Smith: Dive deep into the rules, course behavior and strategies for both casual and competitive play
  • Swing Clinic with Jeff Symmonds and Jeff Gathmann: Personalized, hands-on clinic to enhance your short game, 6:1 ratio

This half-day golf school combines technical skill, mental fortitude and deep rules knowledge, to elevate your game.

Rules & Etiquette Empowerment Strategies: We make learning golf’s do’s and don’ts easy and downright enjoyable. Marcela Smith provides a comprehensive education on golf rules, empowering you to play with integrity and confidence in any situation. Learn the nuances of course etiquette and competitive play. Her program instills the finesse and respect that the game of golf embodies, enhancing your sportsmanship and competitive spirit. Deepen your understanding of the rules to avoid penalties and enjoy the game without hesitation. Navigate complex rules scenarios and handle disputes diplomatically, ensuring a respectful and positive playing environment. Gain practical experience in applying rules, enhancing your readiness for competitive play.

Master the Art of the Mental Game: We’re all about turning those ‘oops’ moments into ‘aha!’ ones with mental game strategies that are simple and effective. Golf is not just a physical sport; it’s a mental challenge. Dr. Shannon Reece will teach you how to stay focused, manage stress, and maintain confidence, transforming your mental approach to every shot. Discover a mental routine that keeps you calm and focused under pressure. Learn to navigate various on-course situations by playing smarter and effectively managing performance stress. Master the art of imagining and executing shots, overcoming distractions, and improving shot accuracy.

Short Game Clinic: Whether you’re a newer player looking to improve your skills or an experienced golfer wanting to lower your scores, this short game swing clinic is designed to help you master the short game and achieve greater consistency. With your personalized coaching, you’ll master the art of chipping and pitching through improving your stance, impact and finish positions. You’ll Learn to play soft-landing pitch shots from a variety of lies and become more consistent around the green.

12:00-12:30  Check-in

12:30-1:30  Lunch And Learn with Marcela and Shannon

1:40-3:50  Two one-hour hands-on clinics:  Mental Game and Short Game  (12 golfers for each segment)

4:00-5:00  Walk the 1st hole with Marcela for on-course golf rules & strategies

5:00-5:30 Enjoy a glass of wine during our Q&A and wrap-up

Desert Falls Country Club, 1111 Desert Falls Parkway, Palm Desert, California

About Out Team:

Marcela Smith, Founder of Girlfriends Guide To Golf

Marcela holds a USGA Advanced Rules Certification and educates players on the rules of golf. With Marcela’s guidance, golfers of all skill levels can avoid penalties, prevent disagreements during competition, and optimize their scores as they navigate the course more confidently and efficiently.  Marcela believes that by embracing sportsmanship and respectful behavior on the course, golfers not only improve their individual game, but also contribute to a welcoming and inclusive golf community.

Dr. Shannon Reece, Sports Psychologist

With nearly three decades of working with athletes of all levels, Shannon’s passion is teaching golfers how to play confidently from tee to green so they can lower their scores and have much more fun. She combines her experience as a competitive athlete with proven mental game strategies that enable her clients to reach their big golf goals. Her podcast, She Talks Birdie, speaking events, and website, Training for Optimal Performance, provide golfers with the simple steps to master the mental side of performance.


Admission price is non-refundable within 30 days of event, but is transferable.