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Skorzie Team Play Rules Tune-Up!


Team Play Rules Tune-Up!


Join us for a fun rules clinic with Marcela Smith, USGA Advanced Rules Certified, as she helps you increase your knowledge in Match Play and Golf Team rules & strategies, including: 

    • Important new rules for 2023 
    • How to “ask for a ruling” when unsure of a rule
    • The difference between offering assistance and offering advice
    • When you’re permitted (or not) to show the line of play
    • Ignoring a breach by your opponent 
    • Etiquette during and after the round, and much more!

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Wine and snacks included!


Monday February 13th 2022
938 S. Andreason Drive, Suite C
Escondido, California




Marcela Smith helps empower women with the knowledge and skills they need to feel comfortable and confident on the golf course. Learn more about Marcela at Girlfriends Guide To Golf