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Golf Rules Webinar


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend Marcela’s clinic and enhance your golf rules knowledge. In this two-hour webinar, you’ll gain the confidence to navigate the course with ease while avoiding unnecessary penalties and misunderstandings amongst your fellow competitors.

This Level One Rules Course is broken down into two, one-hour LIVE sessions where participants can submit real-life scenarios for discussion.


During this LIVE Zoom webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Teeing area rules & protocols
  • How to prevent penalties with a provisional ball
  • Common mistakes to avoid with unplayable lie relief
  • How to take relief from cart paths, sprinklers, and ground-under-repair
  • Red & yellow penalty areas demystified
  • Differences between stroke play & match play
  • Your new best friend on the course: Rule 18.1
  • When accidental hits earn you penalty strokes
  • New bunker rules & how to minimize strokes
  • 2 bad habits scramble formats can create
  • Surprising rules for Four Ball partner formats
  • 7 winning tips to guarantee better pace-of-play
  • Better Ball: When you may pick up, posting scores for those rounds
  • How to keep a light atmosphere throughout a competitive round, and make new friends!
  • And your rules & etiquette questions answered!

Your registration includes:

    • Two, one hour LIVE sessions at 11am Pacific on August 17th and 18th
    • Ability to submit your rules questions in advance
    • Downloadable reference material
    • Advanced access to the 30 minute Step One video
    • Drawings for golf swag
    • 20% discount on private coaching with Marcela
    • 20% discount on Golf Rules Quick Reference Booklet