Struggle with learning the rules of golf?
Take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered!

Hi,I'm Marcela,

I hold an Advanced Rules Certification from the USGA and spend my days (and nights) teaching on-course rules clinics and making instructional videos to help players gain more confidence out on the course.   

Are The Rules Boring?

Most players aren’t  interested in reading the dry rules of golf book, with all those exceptions and cross-references.  And who can blame them?

The Girlfriends Golf Experience helps players learn the rules and protocols in a simple, straight-forward manner that’s easy to digest and retain.

There's More To Golf Than Rules!

Yes, I happen to be passionate about the rules, but I’m also in love with the game, the scenery, spending time with my friends, making new ones, and oh, did I mention the cute golf clothes?

Girlfriends Golf Experience

Want to learn more about Girlfriends Golf?

“Marcela delivers the best tips for the rules of golf in a very fun format. She always demonstrates how to handle the situations, the options and the rule number. You can see her passion for helping others!”
Chris Smeal, PGA
Founder, Future Champions Golf

What I'm Blogging About

During the clinic I appreciated Marcela's suggestions on how to handle some of the personality challenges that can come up during a round!” ~ Karen

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