Girlfriends Golf Experience

Whether you’re brand-new to golf, or have been playing for years, our events are the most fun you’ll ever have learning the rules.




Marcela holds a USGA Advanced Rules Certification 

Girlfriends Golf Experience

During your time on the course with Marcela, you’ll learn how to avoid penalties, prevent disagreements during competition, and lower your scores as you navigate the course more confidently and efficiently

We demonstrate and discuss rules and procedures for:

And so much more!

Level One Girlriends Golf Experience

No one wants to sit in a classroom and listen to someone talk about the rules, right? (I mean, poke me in the eye why don’t you?)

During The Girlfriends Golf Experience, Marcela brings you on the course to demonstrate the most important rules in golf. She shares  how to handle those sticky situations that can come up when playing with friends or competitors.   After attending this clinic, you will go home feeling more confident about how to apply the rules to your advantage . And there’s always plenty of time for your questions!

Offering Four Distinct Events:

Level One Rules Clinic: 

This rules clinic is for you if you’re newer to golf, haven’t yet played in tournaments, feel overwhelmed by all the rules and etiquette, and want to be more comfortable on the course with friends, family or colleagues. 

Level Two Rules Clinic:

Participants in this intermediate clinic have played in organized events such as guest days, member/member, member/guest and have played golf for at least five years. 

Tournament Prep/Format Strategy Rules Clinic: 

This advanced golf rules clinic is perfect if you have been playing for many years, have competed in several tournaments, play on a golf league, have experience with Match Play, or have studied the rules in the past.

The More Confident Golf Experience:

This interactive, half-day golf school is geared towards individuals who have been playing at least two years, and provides the ultimate in confidence-building tools for your swing, mental game and mastery of the rules. 


Are you tired of letting uncertainty weigh down your golf game? It’s time to take control and transform your experience on the course. During The More Confident Golf Experience, we offer a straightforward solution to help you play with confidence from tee to green. By mastering the technical aspects of your game, cultivating winning mental habits, improving your rules knowledge, and navigating the social dynamics of both casual and competitive rounds, you’ll set yourself up for success with every shot.

During this exclusive half-day golf school, you’ll receive personalized, hands-on training focused on empowering you in three key areas: technical skills, mental fortitude, and a deep understanding of the rules. Our expert teaching staff includes sports psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece and Marcela Smith, a USGA certified rules educator, and two PGA teaching professionals. Together, they will equip you with the tools and strategies to boost your confidence, lower your scores, and ultimately make golf more enjoyable than ever before.

Enjoy Three Powerful Segments:

  • Confident Pre-Shot Routine Formula with Dr Shannon Reece:  Develop a winning mental approach for every shot
  • On-Course Rules & Strategies with Marcela Smith: Dive deep into the rules, course behavior and strategies for both casual and competitive play 
  • Swing Clinic with PGA Teaching Pros: Personalized, hands-on clinic to enhance your short game
"As a Head Golf Professional it is crucial that I am up-to-date on all of the rules of golf. It's easy when teaching the golf swing to forget about some of the most important factors of the game: rules and etiquette. Being a part of Marcela’s rules clinic was so valuable to not only my students, but me as well. It was a great refresher and she was so professional and fun!"
Nikki Prichard, PGA
Head Golf Professional, Arrowood Golf Club

Golfing Girlfriend?

Golf should be fun rather than intimating.

The On-Course Rules Experience is a fun time on the course, and a fabulous way to learn the game of golf.

Get your teaching pro involved and we’ll add a clinic for short game or bunkers, or perhaps a 9 hole round. 

Let’s throw in a trunk show, cocktail hour and now we’re talking!

Gather a few of your golfing girlfriends and we’ll set up an event that fits perfectly for your group.

If that sounds like something you would want, reach out!

Golf Professional Inquiry?

Want to help your team better enjoy the game of golf and gain more confidence? We tailor the level of the class to your teams’ experience level and include delightful demonstrations, Q&A’s and laughter.

Being on their home course allows the students to apply what they learn immediately, which enables them to retain the information.

We often add a short-game clinic featuring your PGA teaching pro or a guest instructor, followed by a cocktail hour, trunk show or other social activity

If you’d like to help your ladies learn the rules, and show them how much they’re valued at your club, let’s chat!

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Ready for some fun?

Gather your girlfriends and let’s have a golf day together – laughter is guaranteed! 

"What a great event! I learned so much. Thank you for putting it together and I can't wait for the next one!”
Erin S.
Atttendee, Golf Rules Experience

Ready For a Trip?

Join us for a Girlfriends Golf Trip to some of the most spectacular golf destinations in the world.

Enjoy delicious food, beautiful accommodations, golf clinics, spa treatments, and lots of laughter with your girlfriends.