If you’re wondering what to do when your ball is wedged against a flagstick with the new rules of golf for 2019, then read on…

Since we are now able to leave the flagstick in while putting from the putting green, it has brought up a host of other issues that we hadn’t needed to deal with in the past.

One of those issues is having your ball become wedged against the flagstick. We demonstrated it on the course because it does happen quite often now.



When is your ball considered "holed"?

Rule 13.2c says: “If any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface.”

The rule goes on to say:

“If no part of the Ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green: -the ball is not holed and must be played as it lies -if the flagstick is removed and the ball moves (whether it falls into the hole or moves away from the hole) there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced on the lip of the hole (see Rule 14.2)”

Another good result of the modernization of the rules of golf.

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For more details on the rules, head over to usga.org

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