Imagine: You’ve attempted to chip the ball up onto the green, but instead chunked it and came up short.

Your ball is now sitting on the edge of the green with a big clump of mud stuck to it. Can you lift and clean the ball?

Great question!


Technically yes, you can. According to Rule 13.1a states that:

  • A ball is on the putting green when any part of the ball touches the green
  • OR lies on or in anything (such as loose impediments or an obstruction) and is inside the edge of the putting green

In Karen’s case in the video below, no part of her ball was touching the green, so she was not able to lift and clean her ball.

Rule 9.4b says you will incur a one stroke penalty if you lift or deliberately touch your ball and cause it to move.

Moral of the story here: make sure the ball is absolutely touching that green before lifting it. This detail will make all the difference when you find yourself in this sticky situation. (Pun intended)

Watch the video below!

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