Congratulations on taking this important step towards improving your golf game! Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting out, understanding the rules of golf is essential for playing the game with confidence and integrity. 

We have compiled a collection of valuable clinic materials that will serve as your guide during the course. Feel free to follow along online or print out the materials for your convenience. These resources will provide you with a solid foundation of golf rules and course protocols to help you navigate the course with ease.

By immersing yourself in these clinic materials, you are taking a proactive step towards becoming a more knowledgeable and skilled golfer. Remember, understanding and abiding by the rules not only enhances your own golfing experience but also contributes to the integrity and fairness of the game as a whole.

Enjoy the journey, and may your newfound knowledge bring you more confidence and enjoyment on the course!

Marcela launched Girlfriends Guide To Golf and her On-Course Rules Experiences to grow the game, help women learn the rules of golf, and feel more confident out on the course.