The Girlfriends Golf Experience is a customized, on-course clinic that educates and empowers your members.

Marcela Smith holds a USGA Advanced Rules Certification


The On-Course Clinic

We design custom golf events that entertain, educate, and empower golfers.

The girlfriend’s golf experience has proven to:

  • Increase participation in women’s events and lessons

  • Drastically improve pace-of-play 

  • Decrease conflicts during competition

  • Improve knowledge on proper maintenance practices

  • Educate on USGA/WHS handicapping guidelines

  • Enhance enjoyment and improve confidence 

The Girlfriends Golf Experience

Our innovative approach to teaching the rules of golf takes golfers on a journey through various scenarios they commonly encounter during a round of golf. 

We provide an interactive learning environment that enables participants to feel at ease asking questions as we walk through real-life scenarios on the course.

Our method demystifies the confusion that surrounds golf rules and protocols, ensuring our students gain practical knowledge they can immediately apply to their game.

Our clinics instill confidence to navigate any situation players may encounter on the course.

Imagine the positive impact this has on your club. Your members feel more at ease while interacting with other players. They gain confidence, which enhances their enjoyment of the game and contributes to a more harmonious golf membership.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way your members learn and retain the rules of golf.

Contact us today to take the first step towards a more knowledgeable and confident membership at your club. Let’s elevate the game together!

Our Team of Instructors

Golf Rules Educator Marcela Smith

Marcela’s journey to master the rules of golf began during an amateur tournament at Pebble Beach in 2011. Faced with an unplayable lie in a bunker, she confidently announced her desire to take stroke-and-distance relief, only to be challenged by the rest of the foursome and their caddies. The incident struck a chord with Marcela, as she had recently attended a Northern California Golf Association rules seminar and learned about her options in a bunker (which included stroke-and-distance). She realized then that many players lacked a clear understanding of the rules. 

Determined to bridge this knowledge gap, Marcela embarked on a journey to learn the intricacies of the game’s rules. Through attending USGA workshops and immersing herself in the rules, she went on to achieve the USGA Advanced Rules Certification.

Marcela’s mission is to educate and empower golfers to lower their scores, avoid misunderstandings, and have more fun on the course. 

During the on-course Girlfriends Golf Experience, and The More Confident Golf Experience, Marcela walks one hole of the golf course with her students, recreating various scenarios they will encounter when playing a round. The students get hands-on experience with the rules, competition strategies, and important course behavior.

Both newer and seasoned players appreciate her ability to create an enjoyable learning environment on the course. 

Sports Psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece

The More Confident Golf Experience will provide your members with a half-day golf school featuring three distinct segments:

  • Technical skill featuring your club’s own teaching professional
  • Mental toughness with sports psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece
  • The rules of golf with Marcela Smith

In The More Confident Golf Experience, Dr. Reece, Marcela and your teaching professional focus on both the mental and physical aspects of the game: helping golfers to achieve more significant improvements, faster results, and more enjoyment of the game due to increased confidence. 

Dr. Reece helps golfers understand the importance of mental preparation, focus, and visualization. She shares techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk. Her students learn to stay calm and focused under pressure and improve consistency.

Golf Rules Educator/Tour Rules Official Stuart McPhee

Stuart holds Expert Rules Certification from the USGA and is a Professional Referee on the PGA Tour of Australasia.  He brings his vast expertise to the forefront by officiating at prestigious National and State Championships in Australia.

Stuart co-hosts the world’s foremost podcast solely dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of the Rules of Golf – The Golf Rules Questions Podcast. This podcast garners a global audience, attracting Tour and regional Referees from across the world, as well as avid club golfers.

Stuart writes the widely acclaimed ‘DropZone’ newsletter, a weekly publication circulated to golf clubs, club professionals, tour referees, and golf enthusiasts worldwide. This newsletter is a valuable resource, brimming with insightful rules-related queries and expert tips.

He presents on-course practical rules clinics for Club Professionals, Committees and club golfers, from introductory sessions to expert level rules clinics.

Golf Rules Educator/Tour Rules Official David Blake (Blakey)

Blakey’s lifelong passion for sports began at a young age, but it was golf that truly captured his heart. While he enjoys team sports such as cricket and rugby, golf’s unique blend of solitude and camaraderie proved irresistible to him. He relished the challenge of the game, both as a test of character and a measure of personal achievement. At the age of 15, Blakey was not only interested in hitting a little white ball with a stick, but also the boundaries of the course, the confines of the game, and the intricacies of the game’s rules and behavior.

Blakey has devoted himself to the sport for over 20 years, mastering not only the physical techniques but also the intricacies of the game’s rules and etiquette. He has a keen understanding of what makes golf such a unique and rewarding pursuit, and he loves sharing that knowledge with others. He has dedicated himself to the administration side of the professional game, where players play for money, but do so adhering to the Rules and conducting themselves within the spirit of the game.

Blakey worked for the state association Golf Victoria for seven years, and Golf Australia for two. During that time, he refereed many Australian Opens, Australian PGA Championships and New Zealand Opens. He also refereed at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, and the 2017 Dell Matchplay, and currently he assists on the Asian Tour and LIV Golf League. He has also run over 100 Rules workshops, and helped many a Committee get themselves out of a sticky situation.

Blakey’s believes that golf is a test of character before it is a test of skill. His passion for golf is matched only by his desire to pass that passion on to others.

What The Ladies Are Saying

Testimonials From Golf Professionals

"I wanted to thank each of you for an incredible afternoon! It was a fantastic event. The ladies enjoyed their time and had the opportunity to gain a great deal of knowledge. I look forward to working with you more in the future!”
Taylor Arpaia
Head Golf Professional, The Old Collier Golf Club
"We conducted a one-day More Confident Golf Experience event at Verandah with Marcela and Dr. Shannon Reece. Marcela’s rules and etiquette session was extremely educational and informative. Marcela makes the content easy to understand and provides a fun and inclusive environment that is a huge benefit to the membership. This event was a home run on all accounts and we will be having them back in the future!”
Adam Miller
Director of Golf, The Verandah Club
“This clinic is a must for any golfer seeking to boost confidence and skills on the course, no matter your playing abilities. Marcela made it a fun and laid-back experience for all of our participants. I highly recommend Marcela's clinic to any club looking to add an educational and enjoyable experience for your members or guests."
John Sommers
Head Golf Professional, The Old Collier Golf Club
“The Girlfriends Golf Experience has been a valuable addition to our golf events calendar for the past three years. Marcela manages to make learning the rules easy and fun for beginners, while at the same time benefitting the more advanced players with her comprehensive understanding of all the rules and how they apply to our golf course.”
Jason Brustad, PGA
Director of Golf, The Crosby Club
“Inviting Marcela to your club will enhance your members’ experience, increase their passion for golf, and grow their confidence on the course. Over our two-day Girlfriends Golf Experience, Marcela conducted two teaching sessions covering golf rules, etiquette, and on-course strategies. The content was deeply informative without being overly formal, and fitting for golfers of all skill levels.  
Lauren C. Vernon
Marketing and Membership Director, Keene Trace Golf Club
“Our ladies here at The Saticoy Club left the Girlfriends Golf Experience with more confidence to play in events, comfortably communicate with each other regarding the rules, and enjoy a round while keeping great pace thanks to Marcela.  We cannot thank her enough for exposing the parts of the game that aren’t talked about enough.  While Marcela’s delivery was incredibly professional, her ability to get our players to absorb the information through humor and personal experience made everyone extremely receptive, myself included!”
Ben Edwards
Director of Golf, The Saticoy Club
"Our members loved the Girlfriends Golf Experience! The information presented was wonderful, and your terrific personality made the rules really interesting and fun."
Jan Usher
PGA/LPGA Director of Instruction, Montreux Golf & Country Club

Now Offering MSR Credits for PGA Professionals!

  • PGA Professionals will earn MSR credits by attending our clinics (included)
  • Book an additional clinic for your pro staff featuring 2023 rules changes, and recent important clarifications (additional cost)

Our Clients Include:

  • The Vintage Club
  • Tradition Golf Club
  • Martis Camp Club
  • The Saticoy Cub
  • The Santaluz Club
  • The Crosby Golf Club
  • Lahontan Golf Club
  • Schaffer’s Mill Golf Club
  • Gray’s Crossing Golf Club
  • Pasadera Golf Club
  • Women On Course at Arroyo Trabucco
  • LPGA Amateurs at Riverwalk Golf Club
  • Arrowood Golf Club
  • The Club at Mediterra 
  • Old Collier Golf Club
  • The Verandah Club
  • Estero Country Club
  • Tiburon Golf
  • Palmira Country Club
  • Meadowood Golf & Tennis Club
  • Montreux Golf & Country Club
  • Clear Creek Tahoe
  • The Renaissance Club
  • Keene Trace Golf Club
  • Butterfield Country Club
  • Royal Fox Country Club
  • The Grove Country Club. 

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