Help Your Members Learn The Rules!

Increase member satisfaction with the Girlfriends Golf Experience

– a customizable 90 minute on-course event designed to help


educate and empower the women at your club.

The Girlfriends Golf Experience will:

·  Increase participation in women’s events by demonstrating your club’s commitment to ladies development

·  Educate your members on the basic rules of golf

·  Dispel misconceptions about the rules, with attention to your local rules, course maintenance and that all-important pace-of-play

·  Demonstrate the various options for penalty areas, unplayable lies, abnormal course conditions, and more

·  Explain the proper way to post scores for stroked conceded, and holes skipped or not completed, per the World Handicap System

Your ladies with come away from the Girlfriends Golf Experience with increased confidence in their

knowledge of golf rules, etiquette and the formats of your club’s competitions. 

Fewer conflicts, faster play and greater enjoyment!

How we create

an event

at your course


Tee Sheet Already Full?

We can:

*Begin our clinic first thing in the morning on your 18th hole, then move to the practice area

*Begin in the later afternoon in your practice area, then move to the first hole

Learn more about how to grow your women’s group and help them gain confidence on the course

Meet Marcela

       Marcela Smith is the founder of Girlfriends Guide To Golf and facilitator of the Girlfriends Golf Experience. 

      Marcela is passionate about making the game more enjoyable for ladies through better understanding of the rules and etiquette of golf.

Read Marcela’s story here


Schedule a Girlfriends Golf Experience to help your ladies feel empowered on the course

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