Help Your Members Learn The Rules!

The Girlfriends Golf Experience is a 90 minute on-course event designed to educate and empower the women at your club.

The Girlfriends Golf Experience has proven to:

·  Increase participation in women’s events and lessons

·  Improve pace-of-play 

·  Decrease misunderstandings and conflict during competition

·  Educate on proper course maintenance practices

· Increase confidence

·  Educate on the World Handicap System (including posting scores and peer review)

“Our ladies here at The Saticoy Club left the Girlfriends Guide to Golf experience with more confidence to play in events, comfortably communicate with each other regarding the rules, and enjoy a round while keeping great pace thanks to Marcela.   

We cannot thank her enough for exposing the parts of the game that aren’t talked about enough.  While Marcela’s delivery was incredibly professional, her ability to get our players to absorb the information through humor and personal experience made everyone extremely receptive, myself included!”  

Ben Edwards
Director of Golf, The Saticoy Club

How we create

an event

at your course


Full Tee Sheet At Your Club?

Not to worry, we don’t impact your tee sheet! We start on the 18th hole

first thing in the morning, or on the 1st hole at the end of the day. 

Help your ladies gain confidence on the course!

“Inviting Marcela to your club will enhance your members’ experience, increase their passion for golf, and grow their confidence on the course.  

Over our two-day Girlfriends Golf Experience, Marcela conducted two teaching sessions covering golf rules, etiquette, and on-course strategies. The content was deeply informative without being overly formal, and also fitting for golfers of all skill levels, both new and advanced.  

Lauren C. Vernon
Marketing and Membership Director, Keene Trace Golf Club

Meet Marcela

       Marcela Smith is the founder of Girlfriends Guide To Golf and facilitator of the Girlfriends Golf Experience. 

      Marcela is passionate about making the game more enjoyable for ladies through better understanding of the rules and etiquette of golf.

Read Marcela’s story here


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Let's Create a Girlfriends Golf Experience At Your Club

Course vlogs featuring relatable female players help your members learn course strategy, set reasonable expectations for themselves, and enjoy your course.

“The Girlfriends Golf Experience has been a valuable addition to our golf events calendar for the past two years. Marcela manages to make learning the rules easy and fun for beginners, while at the same time benefitting the more advanced players with her comprehensive understanding of all the rules and how they apply to our golf course.”
Jason Brustad, PGA
Director of Golf, The Crosby Club

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We’ll get your ladies get up-to-speed on the rules, scoring and strategies of four ball match play, and league play.