For those with shorter attention spans, it helps to take the rules in small doses. Here are four quick videos to improve your golf knowledge – each just under 30 seconds long!

Golf Rules Terminology

The rules of golf are written with very specific terms. When they use the word “must,” it means you must do something a certain way. But when we use the word “should,” or say, “it might be a good idea,” that means it is not specifically required under the rules.

How to Drop a Ball in a Relief Area

When taking your drop, you’ll drop a ball straight down from knee height. It must drop and come to rest inside the relief area.

Rule 14.3b Ball must not touch any part of the player’s body or equipment before it hits the ground.

It’s okay if the ball hits you or your equipment after it hits the ground.

If the ball rolls forward of the reference point (meaning closer to the hole) you will need to re-drop. If on your second attempt, the ball also comes to rest outside the relief area, you must place the ball on the spot where the ball dropped the second time first touched the ground.

How to Mark Your Ball on the Green

When marking your ball on the green, it’s important that you’re using an artificial object. You can use a ball-marker, a tee or a club.

You cannot use a foot because that is not an artificial object. If you or your caddie uses your foot to mark the ball while you lift and clean it, you’ll incur a one-stroke penalty.

Do You Have to Mark Your Golf Ball?

The rules of golf suggest that you mark your ball uniquely, because you want to make sure it’s clear that it belongs to you.

Rule 6.3a The player should put an identifying mark on the ball to be played.

I use one type of mark for most of my balls, and always use a different marking for my provisional ball. If you do not mark your provisional ball differently than the original ball, then if you hit our provisional ball in the same direction as your original ball, whether you find your original or provisional ball, you would have to play it as your provisional ball (with one penalty stroke).

And remember, you must declare that you are hitting a provisional ball, and it’s a good idea to also state the brand and markings on that provisional.


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