Estimating the reference point for taking a drop requires the player to identify the choice of club, stance, swing, and line of play they would use for that stroke.

Rule 16.1

It’s important to remember that when you take relief from any abnormal course condition you must take complete relief.

What that means is if I take my drop and area of intended stance or area of intended swing still have interference from that condition, then I haven’t taken complete relief and I’m going to incur a penalty if I make my shot from there.

So if I see that I took my drop and I still have interference, I must take another drop to avoid the penalty.

It’s a good idea consider where you would ideally like your ball to land and come to rest inside the relief area (much like we see the pros do on television).

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Think you ALWAYS get free relief from a cart path? Think again… Learn about Rule 16.1.a(3) here.

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