Can You Stand Outside The Teeing Area?

If you know the basic rules of golf, then you know that you must start the play of a hole by hitting a ball from within the Teeing Area, right? But can you stand outside the Teeing Area?

Sometimes players set up to their ball and just don’t feel like they’re lined up properly. The tee markers can be set up in such a way that it makes the player feel they are improperly aimed.  

I’ve seen many players choose to stand outside the Teeing Area to help them line up, and this is perfectly acceptable under the rules of golf. 

Rule 6.2 covers playing from the Teeing Area, when you can go back to the Teeing Area, and what’s considered inside the Teeing Area. 

Watch this video for details:   Rule 6.2b says the player may stand outside the Teeing Area in making the stroke at a ball in the Teeing Area. 

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