Dr. Shannon Reece is a sports psychologist, and the founder of TrainingForOptimalPerformance.com. She has taught golfers of all different levels how to maximize what’s between the ears to become better golfers. She is here today to share about the anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus and what to do with it.

Marcela: What’s your advice on how to deal with the anxiety we’re feeling about the pandemic? 

Dr Shannon Reece: While we can’t deny what we are actually going through right now, we don’t want to willingly roll around in it and just stay bogged down by it. We have to acknowledge our emotions and stress levels at this point in time, but we can proactively move ourselves forward from it because to just stay mired in negativity is unproductive and unhealthy.

We need to focus on doing whatever we can do to control that part of our life so, getting enough rest, drinking enough fluids, minimize stress levels as much as possible. While, yes, it is valid and being experienced by lots and lots of people right now, it’s not something that we want to allow to linger. So, that’s a decision that we can make, and something that we can affectively manage.

1. Don’t stay bogged down in negative emotions.

2. Acknowledge your emotions and stress level.

3. To stay mired in negativity is unproductive and unhealthy.

4. Get enough rest, drink enough fluids, minimize stress levels as much as possible.

5. Make a decision to not allow your feelings of negativity to linger.

Marcela: How valuable is to talk about this to our friends and our extended network?

Dr. Reece: I think it can be very cathartic. Again, we want to make sure that we’re steering even the conversations that we are having with family and friends in a direction that inspires hope, that helps us focus on the things that we can directly control. Make sure in those conversations that you are working in concert with those casual acquaintances as well as deep friendships and family relationships to nurture one another, to support one another, and encourage one-another. There is nothing wrong with talking about it, I just think we need to talk about it in a positive and productive way.

It can be very cathartic to talk about our feelings… But be sure to:

1. Try to steer your conversations in a direction that inspires hope.

2. Focus on the things that we can directly control.

3. Nurture, support, and encourage one-another.

Dr. Reece: I go live on my FB page every Tuesday and Thursday Morning. There are currently 47 videos that you can go through. Inside every one of those videos is a link to a guide that I created in 2019, How to Avoid The Bad Habits That Are Costing You Strokes.

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