Regardless of your golf handicap, everyone encounters a time when they feel they need some help with the psychology of the sport, right?  Enter Dr Shannon Reece, sport psychologist and founder of  Training For Optimal Performance. 

While confined to our homes, Dr Reece and I had a Zoom call where we talked about how to golf map for golf.  Here’s an excerpt:

What is goal mapping and how do we do it?

Goal mapping is a great exercise that enables you to take action and move yourself in the direction of reaching a goal.

Rather than set empty goals… Learn how to take action to actually reach your goals

Goal mapping is an exercise that we go through to clearly lay out over a specific timeline, the activities that we need to be engaged in that are measurable, and broken down into bite-sized pieces, small enough so we can know exactly what we need to do today.

And we can stay very present and centered, which is crucial at this point in time. Perhaps you would like to shave three strokes off of your scoring average over the next three months. So, we’re looking at something that we can realistically accomplish in a specific frame of time and then break down into bite sized pieces.

There are activities you can do away from the course, if being around others right now is a concern. The power of your mind is amazing when you focus it in positive and productive way

Would you like to shave three strokes off your scoring average?

Lay out activities that are measurable, and broken down into bite-sized pieces to know exactly what you need to do today.

It can be very overwhelming when all we see is the enormity of the list and we don’t quite know where to start. But, if you can kind of break it down and prioritize things, and then look at the amount of time you have, and work backwards, or reverse-engineer – what do I need to do first? How much time will that take? Do I have that time on my schedule this week? (Most of us probably do!) And then schedule it! Execute, execute, execute!

Prioritize your list and then reverse-engineer in terms of time each step will take

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