How To Hit Out Of Fairway Bunkers

One of the fun benefits of being a golf blogger is getting to spend time playing golf with great instructors. I recently played with Mike Maggs on my home course, The Santaluz Club, and we made a few quick videos on issues that arose during our round. In this video, Mike shares some tips on how to hit out of fairway bunkers, and this long bunker particular. 

  • You want to hit the ball first
  • Use the balls of your feet to brace yourself in the sand and choke up on the grip
  • Take a slightly abbreviated swing for more control
  • Make sure you’re going for an angle that’s easy to get out to

You can find Mike Maggs at Southern California Golf Academy where he teaches all levels of golf utilizing cutting edge technology. 

For more information on bunkers and other specific areas of the golf course, read my Defined Areas of the Course blog.

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