Golf Rules

Golf Etiquette Isn’t Just a Catch Phrase

Golf is a unique sport that combines skill, strategy, and etiquette. What we do (or fail to do) on the course can greatly impact not only our own enjoyment but also the experience of others playing behind us. It is our responsibility as golfers to be mindful of this and

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“As a golf rules official who's still in the learning stage of officiating, I have found Girlfriend’s Guide to Golf a great learning resource. Marcela has done a great job of bringing the rules of golf to a visual and real-life application.”
Mark Allen Raushuber
Rules Official

Accidental Double Hit

Accidental Double Hit is No Longer a Penalty! One of the changes that I’m really happy about is Rule 10.1 – an accidental double hit

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Putting Greens

Repairing Spike Marks On Putting Green 2019 Golf Rules

View this post on Instagram I’m soooo eager for January 1st to roll around. That’s when we can start repairing damage to the greens before we putt. ⛳️ Rule 13 includes allowing you to repair DAMAGE to the green caused by pitch marks, spike marks, and even damage to the actual cup (that’s HUGE NEWS)

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