Can You Stand Outside The Teeing Area?

Can You Stand Outside The Teeing Area? If you know the basic rules of golf, then you know that you must start the play of a hole by hitting a ball from within the Teeing Area, right? But can you stand outside the Teeing Area? Sometimes players set up to their ball and just don’t […]

Coronavirus Anxiety: What To Do With It with Dr. Shannon Reece


Dr. Shannon Reece is a sports psychologist, and the founder of She has taught golfers of all different levels how to maximize what’s between the ears to become better golfers. She is here today to share about the anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus and what to do with it. Marcela: What’s your advice on how […]

Are You Competitive?

Are you competitive? Do you consider yourself a competitive person? If you’re an elite athlete, you’re probably a very competitive person by nature. But what about the recreational golfer? Do you need to be competitive in order to enter and enjoy tournaments? I’ve played in dozens of tournaments like the member/member, member/guest, member/pro, club championship, […]

Defined Areas of the Course

It may seem silly to describe the areas of the course in a video, especially if you have already been playing for a while. However, in 2019 the new rules of golf contain quite a few new terms. Knowing the Defined Areas of The Course will help you understand which rules apply (or don’t apply) in certain areas of the course.

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