The Great Golf Challenge with Dr. Shannon Reece


Sport Psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece, along with accomplished experts in the five main areas of golf performance (mindset, fitness, swing, nutrition, and strategy) come together for a unique six week online golf training program. This program is designed to help you make significant strides in your game during a time you might not be able […]

The Simplest Penalty Area Video You’ll Ever Watch

If you’re still referring to this area of the course as a water hazard rather than a penalty area, you’ll definitely want to see this video. Take at peek below at the simplest penalty area video you’ll ever watch. If you’ve been playing golf for a while, you probably are used to referring to […]

4 Quick Videos to Improve Your Golf Knowledge


For those with shorter attention spans, it helps to take the rules in small doses. Here are four quick videos to improve your golf knowledge – each just under 30 seconds long! Golf Rules Terminology The rules of golf are written with very specific terms. When they use the word “must,” it means you must […]

Phil Mickelson’s Relief from a Cart Path

Last month at The American Express tournament in La Quinta, California, I was fortunate to witness some great golf, and to get up-close and personal with some of my favorite players, like Rickie Fowler, Tony Finau and Phil Mickelson.  Since I’m a complete golf rules geek, I actually get a kick out of seeing issues around […]